Boba/Bubble Tea Survey

Asian Americana is doing an episode about the perennial favorite--tapioca pearl milk tea--and we need your help!

We've created a special survey. Whether you call it boba, bubble tea, or something else, I want to learn about how this drink is named and enjoyed all over the country. Share your names, flavors, fillings, and anything unique about the beverage from your area! Everyone is encouraged to fill out the survey, but I especially want to hear from those not living in California's major cities. That includes those living in the Midwest, Southwest, South, Pacific Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, New England, Mountain states, Alaska, Hawaii, and anywhere in between!

I'll then take your results and disaggregate the data by region, ethnic background, age, and all sorts of things to figure out once and for all what people call this drink.


As an extra bonus, I'll giving away some pins from Giant Robot to a few randomly picked winners! Make sure to enter your email at the beginning of the survey if you hope to win! The survey will close Monday, August 1st, so you've got all of July to fill it out and share it widely. Thank you, and may your drinks be delicious!

Update: The survey has ended! Winners will be picked soon, and stay tuned for the episode in the near future!